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Distributed Military Mobile Phone Security Shielding Control System

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Distributed military mobile phone security shielding control system
1.Research Background
In 2015, with the approval of the Central Military Commission, the Fourth Headquarters of the People's Liberation Army issued the "Regulations on Further Standardizing the Guidance and Management Order of Grassroots Work", requiring the entire army and the armed police force to further standardize grassroots work guidance and management order. President Xi pays close attention to grassroots construction and stresses that it is necessary to take rigid measures to solve the "five-plus" problem, reduce the busyness of the troops, and enhance the internal motivation and work initiative at the grassroots level. The leaders of the Central Military Commission and the four headquarters made instructions on standardizing the construction of grassroots order and put forward clear requirements. From the Internet to the flood of beasts to the "open side of the network", intelligent network terminals into the military camp, this is an important change in ideas, but also a realistic and pragmatic move.
However, without cybersecurity, there is no national security, and any army in the world will strictly manage the network. The important thing is to open the Internet door, but also to lock the security. The military has special characteristics. It is impossible for officers and men to use mobile phone networks as casually as the public. It is necessary to make certain restrictions, but it cannot be simply blocked. Taking into account factors such as the characteristics of the troops, confidentiality and security, and the requirements of officers and men, the "Regulations on Further Standardizing Grassroots Work Guidance and Management Order" moderately relaxed the restrictions on the use of mobile phone networks, and clarified that "the military personnel are extracurricular activities on the premise of meeting confidentiality requirements." Time, rest day, holidays, and other personal control time, you can use mobile phones (including smart phones), you can use the Internet through personal mobile terminals or military bar Internet cafes. The specific method is determined by the division of the division and the brigade. "It needs to be explained," "Compliant with confidentiality requirements" is a hard lever. If you do not meet the confidentiality requirements of the time, place and occasion, you must not use the mobile phone network, this can not be ambiguous. The specific measures for the divisions of the divisions and the brigades must be based on the relevant policies and regulations of the Central Military Commission and the headquarters, and must not be allowed to arbitrarily and disorderly.
When you open the door with one hand and lock it with one hand, you must lock the Internet in a healthy, green, and safe space for my use. As the focus of the enemy's infiltration and attention, the military must ensure that cybersecurity is the bottom line for using the Internet. At present, some officers and soldiers have insufficient understanding of the importance of strengthening the security and confidentiality management of smart phones. Some people even think that since smart phones are allowed to enter military camps, it is also thought that security and confidentiality are thought-old. Military camps cannot be isolated and closed under the tide of the Internet, but the more open the environment, the more important it is to emphasize confidentiality and security, otherwise it may cast a big mistake. In the online world, if any one node has a problem, it may cause a big problem affecting the whole network; any one who is paralyzed may have serious consequences of “the embankment of a thousand miles”. With the scientific, efficient, and systematic activities of mobile phones, mobile phones have become an important tool for secret personnel to disclose secrets and engage in criminal activities, the use of mobile phones may continue throughout the criminal activities. Therefore, it is self-evident that the information on personnel, mobile phones, wifi, and vehicles is actively acquired to establish a relevant information database for the security control of the military and the camp.
For vehicles entering and leaving the military compound and camp area, it is easy to bring in the unregistered personnel with the car. Therefore, by preprocessing the high-definition video, the license plate number feature is extracted, the license plate recognition is realized, and the license plate number and the license plate picture are output. At the same time, retention and comparison are carried out. When the vehicle enters the gate, the serial number is recognized by collecting the mobile phone of the person inside the vehicle, so that each vehicle occupant can be matched and the real-time alarm is realized for realizing the unregistered mobile phone.
WiFi wireless is one of the most widely used wireless network transmission technologies. WiFI APs provide convenient and convenient Internet access for officers and soldiers at the same time, which greatly increases the risk of leaks.
By entering and leaving the personnel for identity authentication, in addition to forcibly requiring the entry and exit personnel to read the ID card, the on-site photos of the entering and leaving personnel can be collected at the same time, and the site is automatically compared. Once the person or the certificate is found to be inconsistent, it is forbidden to enter or leave the camp.
Therefore, it is necessary to establish an integrated intelligent security control network covering mobile phones, vehicles, identity documents, video, and wifi detection. Through various means, the military, the camp entry and exit personnel, and the mobile phones of the regional personnel are classified and classified. At the same time, through the big data receipt, real-time alarms, information collision detection and identification of suspicious personnel on mobile phone serial codes, license plates, models, ID cards, etc., while protecting the use of smart phones, also protect the security of military information.
2.System Introduction
The military camp is a key security and confidential unit in the country. Military information, whether staff or in the region, is the focus of protection. Therefore, in order to prevent illegal elements from invading the military region, it is particularly important to improve the scientific management and security capabilities of the military region. The distributed military mobile phone security shielding control system adopts a variety of advanced management and control methods. The system forms an integrated, intelligent and precise control. It can realize: fixed-point, timed, classified, classified mobile phones, vehicles, personnel, video, WiFi, ID cards. Such precise control, alarm, and positioning.