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Suzhou Zhizhu Communication Technology Co., Ltd. solemnly declares

Suzhou Zhizhu Communication Technology Co., Ltd. solemnly declares

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Suzhou Zhizhu Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is a state-owned New Third Board listed company (stock code: 835831). Under the care and leadership of all levels of government in Jiangsu, after less than four years, the company has grown from an initial number of people to a technology-based R&D enterprise with industry leading position. It has successively obtained the qualifications and titles of national high-tech enterprises, enterprises of “innovation and entrepreneurship talents” in Jiangsu Province, “high-level leading talents” in Suzhou Industrial Park, “technical leading talents” in Suzhou Industrial Park, and dual-soft-certified enterprises.
Since 2013, many websites, social software and other media have repeatedly used product promotion activities in the name of “Zhizhu Communication”, “Shanghai Zhizhu”, “Suzhou Zhizhu” and “Zhizhu”. The Division has repeatedly commissioned lawyers and public relations departments to lodge complaints and requests for removal from relevant websites, but it will not reappear after a long time. These illegal propaganda have caused me major economic losses and reputation damage. Reported by the company and verified by the competent authority, Yantai Jiate Zhizhu Communication Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yantai Jiate Zhizhu"), Shandong Chuanghui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chuanghui Electronics") is serious Infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of our company, the actual controllers of the two companies are Gao Guangshun.
Gao Guangshun registered “Yantai Jiate Zhizhu” in the name of three natural person shareholders of our company. According to the facts of the Yantai Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Gao Guangshun registered Yantai Jiate Zhizhu Company with the identity documents, forgery authorization documents and forged signatures of the shareholders of our company. The Yantai High-tech Industrial Development Zone Market Supervision Administration has made a decision on the administrative penalty of the No. 1 [2016] No. 1 of the Zhigao City Supervisory Bank and revoked its company establishment registration.
Chuanghui Electronics was also controlled by Gao Guangshun. During his tenure at Yantai Fuyou Electronics Co., Ltd. in 2014, Gao Guangshun made a business contact with our company and obtained the electronic logo of Zhizhi Communication. The trademark logo is applied to the Trademark Office for registration in Category 9 - Scientific Instruments (Registration No. 14868674). The trademark registration act infringes on the prior rights of our company and is a serious infringement.
To this end, our company solemnly declares as follows:
1. The shareholders of our company have no relationship with Yantai Jiate Zhizhu. The actual controller Gao Guangshun has used the identity documents of our shareholders, forged authorization documents, forged signatures, etc. to complete the company registration (now cancelled by the competent authority);
2. Yantai Jiate Zhizhu, Shandong Chuanghui Electronics and other companies of its actual controller Gao Guangshun have no relationship with our company, such as “Zhizhu” and “Zhizhu Communication”. We have not authorized any units and personnel to publish Internet product information;
3. Our company has taken legal action against the trademark infringement of our company on the use of shareholder identity documents, forgery of authorization documents, forgery of signatures by Yantai Jiate Zhizhuo;
4. Our company will legally eliminate the negative impact on the company and shareholders caused by the illegal propaganda of Yantai Jiate Zhizhu, and claim all economic and reputation losses to the infringing party;
5, my company's products to the company's official website: www. Spideradio. The release of cn shall prevail.