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WCDMA Small Base Station

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WCDMA Small Base Station

1.1 General Function

1.1.1 Circuit Switched Domain CS Service
        a. AMR 12.2k voice call support
        b. Emergency Call Service Support
1.1.2 Packet Switched Domain PS Service
        a. Support Emergency Call Service
        b. Support Web Browsing, Data Download And Video Services
1.1.3 High Speed Packet Service
        a. Support HSPA+ Business
1.1.4 Concurrent Business
        a. AMR Support Voice And PS Concurrent Services
        b. Support Videophone And PS Concurrent Services
        c. Support AMR voice and HSDPA concurrent services
        d. Support videophone and HSDPA concurrent services
1.1.5 SMS Service
        a. Support short message service
        b. Support multimedia messaging service
1.1.6 Switching Function
        a. Supports basic CS and PS services from the Femto base station to the macro base station's co-frequency and inter-frequency hard handover
        b. Supports HSDPA services from the Femto base station to the macro base station for the same frequency and different frequency hard switching

1.2 Other Features

1.2.1 Automatic Configuration
        a. Femto base station wireless environment scanning function
        b. Femto base station automatic power, scrambling code configuration function
1.2.2 Synchronize
        a. Support for NTP-based synchronization
        b. Support for synchronization based on WCDMA macrocell
1.2.3 Security Feature
        a. Data encryption between Femto base station and network management based on IPsec tunnel
1.2.4 Operation And Maintenance Function
        a. TR-069 based management protocol
        b. Support ACS configuration function
        c. Support alarm function
        d. Support KPI indicator collection
        e. Support software upgrade
        f. Support WEB-based local operation and maintenance

1.3 Technical Parameters

1.3.1 Wireless Technical Parameters
        a. Wireless access technology:WCDMA BAND I
        b. Wireless scanning frequency:WCDMA BAND I
        c. Maximum transmit power:24dbm/250mW
        d. Receiving sensitivity:< -115dbm
        e. Cover radius:> 2000m
        f. Clock accuracy:< 0.25PPM
1.3.2 Equipment Capability Parameter
        a. Maximum Number Of Users:64个
        b. Basic PS Rate:上下行128kbps/128kbps
        c. HSDPA Peak Rate:42 Mbps
        d. HSUPA Peak Rate:12 Mbps