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Gsm Full-band Ultra-long-range Field Strength Meter

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GSM 850/900/1800/1900Gsm Full-band Ultra-long-range Field Strength Meter

Product Overview:

GSM all-band ultra-distance field intensity meter is a device used in accurate positioning. It is a device that receives the upward signal from the GSM target phone, measures its field strength and gradually approaches the target phone.

Product Features:

Controlled by Android mobile phone APP, it supports all frequency bands of global GSM (850/900/1800/1900), with ultra-high sensitivity, ultra-long measurement distance and strong directivity

Product Composition:

Single soldier host + Android APP + Penholder/Flat antenna + Charger

Technical Parameters:

Type Name Instructions
Function Power Measurement Support 900MHz and 1800MHz, 850MHz and 1900MHz
Bluetooth Connect to the Android phone APP via bluetooth
Capacity Check Support


Farthest Distance>300m(Super distance, second kill all similar products)


Continuous working time is greater than or equal to 5 hours

Support for microUSB charging

APP Function Start the Measurement Support
Stop Measurement Support