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Mobile Security Product Sales Manager

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Mobile Security Product Sales Manager

(1)Job Responsibilities:

1、Responsible for the development, establishment and maintenance of sales and marketing in South China;
2、Develop a marketing plan to implement the company's marketing strategy and sales policies;
3、Participate in all sales-related activities and complete the sales targets set by the company;
4、Collect and feedback customer information and market conditions in a timely manner, manage customers and provide services to meet customer needs;
5、Follow up the signed order and be responsible for collecting the accounts receivable.

(2)Job Requirements:

1、More than 3 years of working experience in the sales industry, has been engaged in sales experience for the procuratorate, public security and other priority;
2、Strong learning ability for new knowledge, can quickly adapt to new positions and environments;
3、Extroverted, responsive, expressive, with strong communication skills and communication skills;
4、Have a certain market analysis and judgment ability, a good sense of customer service;
5、Responsible, able to withstand greater work pressure, can develop with the company, can adapt to long-term business trips.
6、Having technical backgrounds such as communication, network, and computer is preferred;
7、Salary range: basic salary + commission + bonus, of which the basic salary range is 6000-10000

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