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Linux (kernel & driver) senior engineer / senior technical manager

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Linux (kernel & driver) senior engineer / senior technical manager

(1)Job Responsibilities:

1、Responsible for embedded Linux system architecture design, system kernel maintenance;
2、Develop the overall software solution of the system according to the requirements, and divide the software modules;
3、Optimize uboot and Linux kernel related modules.

(2)Job Requirements:

1、5 years of work experience, proficient in C language, good coding habits, computer, information, electronics and other related professional qualifications are preferred;
2、Familiar with cross-compilation environment, familiar with typical Linux system calls and application development;
3、Understand software version management. As a maintainer, be proficient in at least one version management tool (eg SVN, GIT, etc.);
4、Have a deep understanding of the Linux system kernel and drivers, and can deeply modify and customize the Linux kernel. Linux drivers can be written independently;
5、Excellent communication and teamwork, good English reading and writing skills.
6、Salary range:8000-3w
7、Working Location: Shanghai

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