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Linux BSP/Drive Development Engineer/Senior Engineer

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Linux BSP/Drive development engineer/senior engineer

(1)Job Responsibilities:

1.Linux Cutting and transplanting the kernel of the system;
2.Linux Driver development, debugging, and optimization。

(2)Job Requirements:

1.Bachelor degree or above in computer, electronics, communication and related majors;
2.Proficient in C/C++ development and more than 3 years of development experience;
3.More than two years of Linux underlying development experience, proficient in embedded Linux kernel cutting, porting, driver development, optimization;
4.Have experience in communication product development, have a certain hardware knowledge base, understand the embedded product system structure, familiar with typical IC driver;
5.Familiar with the workflow and methods of embedded software development and maintenance;
6.Have good communication skills and professionalism and teamwork spirit.
7.Work location: Shanghai / Suzhou
8.Salary range:8000-3w

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